Ozarka Spring Water Grants $20,000 in Scholarship Awards

Fund Designated for Texas Students Pursuing Degrees in Environmental/Earth Sciences

Ozarka Natural Spring Water awarded two $10,000 scholarships to Kyle James, of Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock and Katie Williams, of McMurry University in Abilene.

Kyle James, a senior Environmental Sciences major, plans on pursuing his Masters Degree in Environmental Law after graduation this spring. "I can't express how truly thankful I am to have been blessed with this honor," said James. "I take this gift very seriously and plan to work very hard in all of my future school ventures and in all areas of my future career. This is a very great opportunity given by Ozarka to college students and I would like to thank them for investing their money and trust in my future."

Katie Williams, a sophomore environmental education major at McMurry University, plans on running her own conservation camp someday. "I feel that the first and most important step in conservation is through education and it is for this reason that I am pursuing a career in environmental education," said Ms. Williams. "If I can plant a small seed of curiosity and concern in the life of at least one child then my life has been a success. I am truly grateful for Ozarka's aid in furthering my education."

As part of their educational commitment to Texas, Ozarka created a $30,000 "Every Drop Counts" Scholarship Fund in 2002. Statewide, Ozarka awards two annual $10,000 scholarships to two qualified Texas residents who wish to major in hydrogeology, or any other Environmental/Earth Science that focuses on water conservation and preservation, at a four-year college or university. The remaining $10,000 is divided between four independent school districts (ISD) in East Texas where Ozarka has operations. Each local ISD in Ozarka's spring communities receives a $2500 scholarship fund, awarded to a high-school senior pursuing higher education in the Environmental/Earth Sciences.

"As a company, we are strong proponents of environmental education in Texas," said Ozarka Natural Resource Manager and registered hydrogeologist David Feckley. "Ozarka believes that by investing in the future of our youth, we nurture leadership in the areas that will govern our resources tomorrow. We are very pleased to help Mr. James and Ms. Williams with their college educations."

Students interested in pursuing next year's "Every Drop Counts" Scholarship Fund are encouraged to contact their high school counselor or college advisor regarding scholarship rules and guidelines. New applications are mailed to all Texas high schools and colleges in early spring and will also be available at www.collegefortexans.com . Next year's winners will be selected on July 15, 2003.

Ozarka Natural Spring Water

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