Oct 25, 2021

Our Favorite Social Media Moments From WEFTEC 2021

WWD editors highlight their favorite tweets from the week at WEFTEC 2021


The Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) may be over for 2021, but our editors wanted to highlight some of our favorite tweets about the event this week!

From new products to an adorable water industry leak detecting dog, WEFTEC 2021 did not disappoint. 

Vessel the Water Detective Dog

We can't discuss WEFTEC without recognizing the star of the event, Vessel the water detection dog. We were able to watch Vessel in action during a live demonstration, where she detected water in the room! 

Reducing Waste Impact at WEFTEC 2021

The shift to reduce carpet waste at WEFTEC is notable. As the industry deepens to understand and to combat climate change and its impacts, it only makes sense for the show floor to follow suit. Considering waste reduction sets an example for exhibitors and attendees about what it means to take up space and how we can do so safely, ultimately protecting our peers and the environment. 

Connecting Young Underrepresented Students to the Industry

The STEMPath Track of WEF InFLOW includes student scholars from universities and colleges who are currently pursuing a degree in a STEM field. Through WEF InFLOW, students are first introduced to the water sector at WEFTEC, where they participate in activities as well as specially curated events where they can network and see what the water industry is all about! This program encourages diversity, cultivation of knowledge, and fosters a positive environment for scholars to connect with one another and other industry professionals. 

How can we Support Women in Water?

One of the best aspects of this year's show was its dedication to highlighting the importance of women in water. Without these devoted and knowledgeable individuals, where would we be? These conversations around how we can show up for women in water and why this strengthens our industry, which is predominately male, is critical.

Crowning the Next WEF President

We are proud to celebrate Jamie Eichenberger, the next President of WEF! Jamie is an associate vice president and senior project manager with HDR in Denver and has been an active member of WEF since college. He is a professional engineer and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, both in environmental engineering, from the Colorado School of Mines.

We are excited to see how Jamie leads WEF and sets the tone for future years to come! 

Water Operators in Action!

We loved seeing footage of water operators showing off their talents, especially when it's a friendly competition! The five events teams competed in are collections systems, laboratory, process control, maintenance and safety. 

The Virtual Experience

For those who couldn't make the in person event, online attendees were still able to participate in the WEFTEC 2021 conversation - we love the devotion water industry professionals have to furthering educational opportunities! 


There were a number of impressive WEFTEC socks this year, a tradition that remain strong in the community. See below for one of our favorite pairs.

The Importance of WEFTEC Sponsors

Where would the show be without its incredible sponsors?! These sponsors are crucial to the event and we couldn't be more proud to recognize those who comprise this list.