Osmonics Supplies RO System to ECO Resources for Municipal Water Treatment Project

OSMO RO MUNI Series, comprising California's first membrane system with NSF 61-certified elements, to be used in drinking water plant

Osmonics, Inc. was chosen to supply a reverse osmosis (RO) municipal water treatment system to ECO Resources, a subsidiary of Southwest Water Co. Eco Resources will function as a private utility overseeing engineering, construction, operations and maintenance of the $25 million plant to provide drinking water to the Capistrano Valley Water District, San Juan Capistrano, CA.

The Osmonics RO system will use groundwater to produce 5 million gallons of drinking water a day, significantly reducing San Juan Capistrano's dependence on outside water sources such as the Colorado River.

According to Craig Beckman, Osmonics business manager, "The Capistrano Valley project helps position Osmonics as a high-quality supplier to the private utilities in the California municipal water market." Osmonics' proven standard platform designs - including all-stainless-steel housings - and vertically integrated business structure enable highly competitive, stable pricing and reliable quality, all factors in selecting the Osmonics MUNI Series(tm) platform products to meet San Juan Capistrano's needs. ECO Resources Communications Specialist, Tim Bradley, said, "Osmonics' platform designs simplify installation and operation, and NSF certification of OSMO membrane elements provides assurance of their suitability for us in production of potable water."

The system will be built and tested at Osmonics' ISO 9001-certified factory and delivered mid-2003. The two Osmonics' 2.2 mgd RO trains will purify water for drinking for about 32,000 San Juan Capistrano residents. Osmonics will also provide ECO Resources with operation training and ongoing system support throughout the life of the equipment.

"We are realizing continued growth in the municipal market as diminishing potable water sources, consumer's heightened awareness of water quality and EPA regulations continue to drive demand for our membrane-based municipal water treatment systems," said Curt Weitnauer, vice president and general manager of Osmonics' Process Water Group. "New low-energy membrane technologies are able to provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional technologies, and, in this case, to increase San Juan Capistrano's self-reliance and decrease the amount of drinking water it must purchase from other sources."

Osmonics, Inc.

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