Osmonics Awarded $3.8 Million Drinking Water Contract in Texas

Osmonics Inc. recently was awarded a $3.8 million contract for a reverse osmosis (RO) system to be used to desalt and purify Brazos River water from the Granbury Reservoir southwest of Fort Worth, Texas.
The Brazos River Authority contracted Osmonics to reduce dissolved minerals in the Brazos River to meet the World Health Organization's standards for drinking water. The system consists of four Osmo® MUNI Series™ RO units designed specifically for the municipal market and contains over 1,200 Osmonics replaceable membrane elements. This system will be installed in Granbury, Texas, to provide water to local municipalities.
"Advances in system design and energy efficiency have made RO membrane technology a competitive alternative to traditional water treatment, while providing superior quality," said Curt Weitnauer, vice president and general manager of Osmonics' Process Water Group.
As the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act is beginning to be enforced, more than 25,000 small- and medium-size municipal water treatment facilities — of the total 50,000 facilities estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — will need to improve water treatment to comply with the regulations. As a result, many municipalities will need to invest in better water treatment equipment.
Osmonics is a manufacturer and worldwide marketer of high technology water purification and fluid filtration, fluid separation and fluid handling equipment, as well as the replaceable components used in purification, filtration, and separation equipment.

Business Wire

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