Dec 03, 2007

Oregon City Deploys GIS Technology

Corvallis, Ore., implements geospatial hydraulic modeling technology

MWH Soft announced that the city of Corvallis, Ore., has adopted H2OMAP Water as its standard geospatial water modeling solution. The software will also be used in updating the city’s water facilities master plan. This decision equips the city with a full range of comprehensive, high-performance infrastructure analysis, optimization and management capabilities designed to optimize their handling of critical design, operational and water quality issues while accommodating continued community growth.

Home to Oregon State University, Corvallis maintains some 240 miles of water mains, nine finished water storage reservoirs, one raw reservoir, two treatment plants and eleven booster pumping stations to serve some 54,000 residents. The city plans to leverage the power of H2OMAP to build and calibrate a representative model of its drinking water distribution system. The model will help the enterprise evaluate current and future conditions and optimize its capital improvement program.

“H2OMAP software makes it easy for our engineers to run and simulate a range of possible conditions and determine the most cost-effective physical and operational improvements to achieve optimum performance and regulatory compliance while enhancing community relations,” said Dick Gaskill, P.E., water operations supervisor for the city of Corvallis.