Ontario Distributor Will Offer Purification System To Homebuilders And Homebuyers

Ozolutions Inc., an international distributor of water purification systems, announced that it had entered into an agreement in principle with one of Canada's providers of home comfort systems to offer the the option of having the Hankin Ozone EntrOzone water purification system installed both in existing and new homes across Ontario.

Based on initial test market results, Ozolutions will develop a marketing strategy and technical support program that will benefit all home builders that offer their new residential customers water purification as part of a home utilities package that is generally offered in home developments.

There is increased public awareness about the quality of water and the Hankin EntrOzone system is a secure, safe, reliable, and affordable product that delivers purified water. Hankin has been in business over 65 years and has an ozone-based treatment of water that far surpasses the normal chlorine and filter techniques. The EntrOzone is a unique combination of technologies including ozone (electrically charged water molecules), Ultra-Violet light, and activated carbon filters that provide maximum protection against bacteria, viruses, metal contaminants and harmful chemicals including pesticides that may infiltrate sources of drinking water.

Ozolutions will also offer homebuilders and homeowners complete servicing and financing for EntrOzone buyers. The company estimates the sale of 2400 EntrOzone units through its preferred home services distribution channel and the additional sale of 600 units through company direct and dealer sales. EntrOzone has a suggested retail price of $4000 (USD) and, based on current sales estimates, Ozolutions initial projections indicate potential gross revenues of approximately $8,000,000 (USD) over the next 12 months. Max Weissengruber, President of Ozolutions said, "The opportunity for our company to deliver the Hankin technology to one of Canada's largest providers of home comfort appliances is exciting. Ozolutions and the home product supplier are exploring the strategic implementation of the agreement and we are confident that homebuilders and homeowners will be delighted with the product, service, and cost effectiveness of having a reliable supply of purified water."


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