Ontario Clean Water Agency Legacy Process Data Collection System Replacement Project

Ontario, Canada
Ontario Clean Water Agency

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) in Ontario, Canada, serves approximately 600 treatment facilities in the province, managing more than 20,000 daily streaming SCADA tags and processing 450 weekly lab samples. The agency used a home-built data collection system to generate, collect, manage and report its data. This Process Data Collection (PDC) system soon became outdated, with no room for improvement. 

After a pilot project in which OCWA assessed various software programs that could integrate streaming SCADA data with data loggers, mobile devices, lab data uploads and historic data migration from PDC, the agency selected the WISKI 7 application from Kisters North America. 

The Kisters team designed a solution that helped OCWA manage its growing amount of incoming data. Because PDC was the agency’s standard, OCWA’s more than 400 operators attended workshops to provide input on how the new system should look and feel. The result was software that looked like the old system, but performed more efficiently. 

The WISKI 7 application includes data historian functionality with the ability to store, analyze and report on fine resolution data, and adoption of a commercially developed, well supported and internationally recognized software solution for water time series management. A single system is capable of managing both time series and discreet sampling data. The system features automated reporting, is user configurable and can be integrated with handheld mobile technology.

The Launch Pad—a component of the application where users can directly connect to areas of the software to perform their daily tasks—was customized to simulate the look and feel of PDC for user accessibility, with the enhanced functionality of the new system. Additionally, WISKI Web Pro is an online platform that allows users and clients to access information about their facilities from any Web browser.  

“This project will allow for real-time information and data entry, increased information accuracy, and a consolidated repository for all process and compliance data,” said Cindy Spencer, special projects manager for OCWA. “The new WISKI 7 technology will allow many field-related data sets and functions to be automated, reducing the levels of staff required to manage these systems. This project allows employees to take an active role in managing his or her process and compliance data in order to improve plant performance and the potential for alternate business partnerships.” 

Kisters North America
Kisters North America
$1.5 million
Approximately 600 treatment facilities, 180 municipal clients