Feb 11, 2011

Ohio Department of Health Approves PuraFlo Residential Wastewater System

System also can be used in light industrial applications

The Ohio Department of Health and the state’s Sewage Treatment Technical Advisory Committee have approved the Bord na Mona Puraflo Peat Fiber Biofilter wastewater treatment system for Type A pad and Type B mounded applications, as authorized under Chapter 3718.04 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Technical Advisory Committee review is intended to ensure that pre-treatment component reliability and effluent quality is achieved and maintained in accordance with the standards and provisions of the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-29. The Puraflo system was tested and proven to meet the state requirements for subsurface soil distribution with secondary treated effluent. The final approval was effective Nov. 5, 2010, per the submittal from the Director’s Journal Entry.

“The intent of this approval is providing alternatives to sites where national pollution discharge elimination systems (NPDES) would otherwise be required. Additionally, these applications allow for a long-term manageable alternative to mounds,” said Ohio Regional Territory Manager Charles Ray. “We listened to the market and it was apparent that NPDES in the long-term are costly to manage for both regulatory agencies and homeowners. Additionally, our mounded application provides an excellent solution for perpetual maintenance when compared to the typical mound. You can actually access the media that is providing the secondary treatment and when combined with time dosing, it’s a win-win solution.”

“We are pleased the Ohio Department of Health and the state Sewage Treatment Technical Advisory Committee approved Puraflo for use in Ohio for all residential strength and light commercial effluent site conditions. We are confident this will improve groundwater conditions,” said Shane Keaney, president of Bord na Mona Environmental Products U.S.