Ohio City Works with Efficiency Smart

Partnership’s goal is to make wastewater treatment plant more energy efficient, reduce operating costs

The city of Hubbard, Ohio has partnered with Efficiency Smart since January 2011 to save money through energy efficiency. Efficiency Smart’s services have already been utilized by several residents and local entities, including the city of Hubbard’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

Last summer, Hubbard staff began working with Winkle Electric and Efficiency Smart to make energy-efficient upgrades to the aeration system at Hubbard’s WWTP. While the blower that supplies air to the influent, effluent and aerated solids holding tank was efficient 20 years ago when it was installed, technology has evolved and today’s systems are much more efficient. Over a six-week period, Winkle Electric metered the existing system and its aged parts, and then metered the system again after rebuilding the blower, rewinding the motor and installing a variable frequency drive to quantify the energy savings. Efficiency Smart provided pre-installation analysis, post-installation validation and a $3,350 incentive.

With project installation costs slightly more than $30,000, the project’s return on investment is 113%. Other notable benefits include reduced wear on the newly rewound motor and rebuilt blower, annual energy savings of more than 352,000 kwH, and annual electric cost savings of $34,000.

“Once we recover our initial project costs, the facility will realize a 75% electrical savings on the largest energy use at the facility,” said Hubbard Mayor John Darko.

Hubbard Water/Wastewater Superintendent Randy Fabrizio encouraged other municipalities with plants at or near the end of their design life to consider making energy-efficient upgrades. “Many plant managers with older equipment are looking for ways to make their facilities more efficient and cost- effective,” said Fabrizio. “Energy-efficient improvements with substantiated cost savings can offer an attractive payback for many municipalities.”

Efficiency Smart

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