Office of Water Releases Water Quality Exchange Version 2.0

Data transfer system now allows sharing of biological and habitat water data

The Office of Water is pleased to announce the release of the Water Quality Exchange (WQX) version 2.0, a data transfer system which now allows states, tribes and other organizations to share their biological and habitat monitoring results.

Since February 2007, WQX version 1.0 has provided a way for states, tribes and other organizations to share physical, chemical and fish tissue water monitoring data. Because many monitoring programs use biological and habitat data as the basis for assessing water quality, WQX version 2.0 enhances the richness of information available for data sharing, analysis and improved decision making by watershed managers.

All data shared using the WQX framework can be accessed online in the STORET Data Warehouse, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's repository for water quality data. Please visit for more information.


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