Dec 15, 2006

NWRI Establishes Fellowship to Support Outstanding Graduate Research in Water Science

NWRI has announced that the first Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research will be awarded to a graduate student in a U.S. university for the 2007/2008 academic school year. The Fellowship comes with a 2-year, $20,000-a-year award.

This special fellowship was named in honor of NWRI's late Executive Director, Ronald B. Linsky, who worked as a biology teacher, oceanographer, Sea Grant director, and private consultant for the United Nations and others before becoming NWRI's founding director in 1991. Funding for this fellowship is provided by Patricia Linsky and Family, as well as by the Joan Irvine Smith/Athalie R. Clarke Foundation.

In addition to the Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship, NWRI is also offering the following fellowship awards for 2007/2008 to graduate students (Masters or Ph.D.) at U.S. universities conducting research the areas of water resources and treatment:

  • NWRI Fellowships (three to four fellowships of up to $10,000 a year for up to 3 years)
  • Research for this fellowship must pertain to NWRI's mission, which is to create new sources of water through research and technology and to protect the freshwater and marine environments.
  • NWRI-AMTA Fellowships for Membrane Technology (two fellowships of $10,000 a year for 2 years)
  • Research for this fellowship must pertain to the advancement of membrane technologies in the water, wastewater, or water reuse industries. Funding is provided by the American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA).
  • NWRI-MWH Fellowship for Advanced Water/Wastewater Treatment Technologies (one fellowship of $10,000 a year for 2 years)
  • Research must pertain to the development of novel and innovative advanced water and wastewater treatment, disinfection, or oxidation technologies. Funding is provided by MWH.
  • NWRI-Southern California Salinity Coalition Fellowship (one fellowship of $10,000 a year for 1 year)
  • Research must address the critical need to remove or reduce salts from water supplies and to preserve water resources in Southern California. This fellowship, which is funded by the Southern California Salinity Coalition, is limited to students at Southern California universities/colleges.

The deadline for applications is March 1, 2007. Additional information about Fellowships, including application procedures and current fellowship recipients, may be found on NWRI's website at