Sep 10, 2007

NSF International to Sponsor the 4th Global Bottled Water Congress

As part of its mission as an independent, not-for-profit certification organization committed to public health protection, NSF International will sponsor and present at the 4th Global Bottled Water Congress.

Adam Bloom, general manager of the Beverage Quality Program for NSF International, will give a special presentation on September 14 titled “21st Century Beverage Certification: The Ultimate in Brand Protection.” The presentation will discuss the benefits of NSF certification and its impact on the bottled water marketplace. Also during the show, NSF will unveil new service offerings for beverage producers.

The 4th Global Bottled Water Congress will take place from the September 12-14 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City. With the world’s third largest market for bottled water, Mexico is an ideal location for the Congress.

This event is an opportunity for industry leaders, bottled water manufacturers, suppliers, customers and analysts to learn about the latest trends and developments across all continents from top companies in each region.
Additionally, on September 13 at the Gran Hotel Ciudad de México, the winners of the 2007 bottledwaterworld awards will be announced. A winner will be selected from the each of the following categories: Best Bottle in PET, Best Bottle in Glass, Best Label, Best Enhanced Water Concept, Best Children's Concept, Best Packaging Innovation, Best Marketing Campaign, Best New Brand or Business and Best Sustainability Initiative. NSF has been invited to participate on the jury panel for its 20 years of service to the bottled water and beverage industry.

"What better way to be at the heart of the industry than to celebrate its success and creativity through the 2007 bottledwaterworld," said Koen Bontinck, NSF vice president of international operations. “It is an honor for us to once again be part of this global event.”