NSF International Launches First Ever Brand Awareness Campaign

NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company(tm), has launched its first brand awareness campaign in the 60-year history of the company.

"We've culled the vastness of NSF into messages consumers can transfer to their daily lives," explained William Fisher, chief marketing officer at NSF. "We are excited about our plan to raise awareness of the role NSF plays in public health and safety around the world."

In early October, NSF will be encouraging consumers and business owners to "Live Safer" beginning with a series of print advertisements in national publications from the Wall Street Journal to Sports Illustrated, created by Minneapolis-based advertising agency Olson + Company (O+CO, Brand Champions). In addition to the print campaign, a Web site redesign and other initiatives are underway to promote the NSF brand. Overall, the campaign will help consumers understand the influence and extensive impact NSF has on individual communities and the world at large.

"It's exciting to be able to give consumer recognition to a company that's been the worldwide leader in its industry for so long," explained John Olson, president/creative director of Olson + Company. "From the family farm to the largest corporate enterprise, the NSF Mark is there to ensure that none of us have to question the safety of our water, food, air or even our favorite products. We have the luxury of taking those things for granted because of NSF."

NSF International

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