Feb 07, 2007

NSF, ICC Ensure Compliance with International Plumbing Code

Ann Arbor, MI and Falls Church, VA -- NSF International and the International Code Council (ICC) today announced a first-of-a-kind agreement that will make NSF American National Standards available to building code and plumbing code officials through the International Code Council.
Under the new agreement, both non-profit organizations will work together to provide ICC members all NSF/ANSI standards referenced in the International Plumbing Code (IPC). IPC currently references several NSF/ANSI drinking water product and food equipment standards. The IPC includes regulations for plumbing facilities without restricting the use of new materials, products or methods of construction.
Having ready access to the standards referenced in IPC will result in additional time and cost savings for building and plumbing officials and will help consolidate these requirements throughout the industry. Members who will benefit from the new agreement include fire officials, architects, engineers, builders, contractors, elected officials, manufacturers, and others in the construction industry (state, county and municipal code enforcement).