Novus Acquires Technology for Retail Distribution of Consumer Water

Frank Chessman will lead new division

Novus Acquisition and Development Voda Technologies

Novus Acquisition and Development Corp. has acquired, as a solely owned subsidiary, Voda Technologies Inc. as discussed in a recent radio interview with

Labrozzi spoke regarding Voda's science and technology of enhanced beverages focused on new and emerging water-based processes that create a number of innovative products for both consumer and commercial applications. Heading up this division will be Frank Chessman, a long-time retail and beverage executive.

Chessman, who recently joined the Voda/Novus' management team, has served for more than 20 years as vice president of sales and advertising for Ralph's Grocery Co., currently a division of Kroger Foods. In addition, Chessman operated and managed a number of beverage manufacturing facilities in Southern California prior to joining Voda's management team. Voda is currently prepared to launch, for immediate sales, a number of proprietary water science-based products. Using both patented and closely held technologies, Voda will be launching a variety of products using electrolysis and customized equipment to create alkaline, anolyte and catholyte water-based products to be used in industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

Voda anticipates the launch of a number of consumer products in 2013 under the trademark "Veio." This Veio product line will include a number of beverage products that are enhanced with healthful nutraceutical, botanicals and vitamins, all in a flavorless and colorless water beverage.

Voda's Lyte Waters Division is prepared to market an eco-friendly, bio-degradable, non-chemical, child safe cleaning and sanitizing line for home, commercial, hospital and food service applications.

“The acquisition of Voda Technologies Inc provides a right direction for Novus to take advantage of the rapidly growing market for water science and in particular the demand for the products made using electrolysis,” Labrozzi said. “We intend to acquire a number of companies that complement this initial technology portfolio bring our current and future family of consumer products to the consumer market retail shelves."


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