Nov 09, 2006

Northwest Rainstorms Cause Problems in Washington

Heavy rains in Kitsap County, Wash., lead to a 205,000 gallon sewage and storm water overflow into the Port Washington Narrows.

According to the Central Kitsap Reporter, the spill was caused by heavy rains overwhelming the station’s pumps. The spillage was a combined overflow between two wastewater treatment systems.

The city has spent thousands of dollars over the past year implementing new sewage treatment systems. However, a few have still not been replaced, which caused overflow problems.

Online sources reported to the Central Kitsap Reporter that nearly 4.5 inches of rain fell on the area last weekend.

The Health District issued a seven-day “No Contact” advisory for the Port Washington Narrows areas. Warning signs have been posted at bodies of water and the public has been advised to stay away until Nov. 13.