North Fort Myers Utility Renews Contract with Woodard & Curran to Operate Water Reclamation Facility

After five years of successful operations, Woodard & Curran has renewed its contract to operate and maintain the water and wastewater systems comprising the North Fort Myers Utility for an additional five years. The contract renewal is worth $1 million annually.
North Fort Myers Utility hired Woodard & Curran to provide full contract operations, maintenance and management at its 3.5-mgd water reclamation facility, 88 miles of collection system and 80 wastewater pumping stations. The Utility also includes the Lake Fairways Wastewater system and Pine Lakes water system. The Utility serves nearly 20,000 customers. Up to 1 million gal of reclaimed water is stored on site and is used for landscape development, tree farms and six golf courses in the area.
The scope of work during the next contract period will expand, as the plant will double its capacity and add to its staff in the next year. Facility design is in progress and construction is expected to begin this summer.
The contract has allowed North Fort Myers Utility to meet all regulatory requirements and respond promptly to all customer calls while remaining within budget. In addition, Woodard & Curran implemented a preventive maintenance and safety program to keep North Fort Myers Utility informed about potential breakdowns and future equipment upgrade needs, as well as a sludge management program to balance load production and spread sludge-hauling costs throughout the year.

Woodard & Curran

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