Norampac Announces Start-up of a New Water Treatment Plant in Mississauga

Norampac Inc. announces the opening of a new water treatment plant located on the site of its containerboard mill in Mississauga, Ontario. This new infrastructure represents an investment of $5 million (CAN) for Norampac.
This new facility will enable the company to control its water treatment costs better. By treating its wastewater, which was previously treated by the city of Mississauga, Norampac Inc., Mississauga Division will be able to recover a portion of the surcharge paid to the city over the past three years.
The city of Mississauga will therefore be able to treat a greater volume of water and Norampac will reduce its consumption of drinking water by re-using a portion of the treated effluent in the process. Norampac built this plant as part of its ongoing efforts to remain at the forefront of the industry and use natural resources in a respectful manner.
"This new plant will surely pave the way to future expansion for Norampac Inc., Mississauga Division," said Marc-Andre Depin, president and CEO of Norampac Inc.


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