Oct 18, 2007

Nihon Genryo features new filtration system

Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan, featured its Saito Tank, a filtration system with no need for filter replacement, at WEFTEC.

The burden on filters has increased, for example, due to a rapid deterioration of raw water. Large filtration plants in Japan recycle used filter media after being washed as a part of plant rehabilitation work. Filter media replacements, however, are performed every six months to five years on small plants' and private enterprises' systems. Although used filter media can be recycled when they are washed and rehabilitated, they are typically disposed as industrial waste.

Considering these issues, Nihon Genryo has developed its Saito Tank filtration system. They company uses the patented media cleaning principle to implement a built-in cleaning device and conduct rehabilitation work. By regularly washing filter media with a kneading action, even stubborn sludge which could not be swashed with a conventional system can be removed. Thus, the system can help maintain high filtration water quality and efficiency levels.

Also, since there is no need to dispose of media as industrial waste, the product is environmentally friendly, serving as a stepping stone to a solution to environmental problems and the achievement of zero emission advocated by ISO14000. Other benefits of the system include reduced backwash and the extended system life. The Saito Tank is also expected to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Nihon Genryo has been extending its product line to include, for example, the mobile Saito Tank and the Saito automatic sand washing system, which converts conventional filtration systems into those which do not require media replacement. The company is seeking to distribute its products worldwide and is currently looking for distributors.

For more information, visit www.genryo.co.jp/index_e.htm.