Apr 05, 2010

NGWA Offers Webinar on April 11

Webinar titled, “Tuesday with Ian: A Practitioner’s Guide to Isotope Hydrology”

The National Ground Water Assn. will offer the second of two webinars, “Tuesday with Ian: A Practitioner’s Guide to Isotope Hydrology,” on April 11 at 11 a.m. ET (8 a.m. PT).

The webinar will be presented by Ian Clark, Ph.D., professor of isotope hydrology, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The first module focused on the use of environmental isotopes to trace groundwater flowpaths, groundwater/surface water interaction and contaminant sources and reactions.

This second related but independent module aims to consolidate that through the presentation of detailed case studies, which focus on the integration of environmental isotopes and geochemistry with traditional hydrogeological data, such as:
• Recharge and pathways of groundwater and nutrients in agricultural watersheds;
• Groundwater origin and age in arid regions; and
• Nitrogen-15 in industrially contaminated groundwater.
The webinar will be presented at a level appropriate for all groundwater professionals including environmental consultants, consulting engineers and geologists and water supply engineers.