Oct 19, 2009

NGWA to Offer Webinar on Advances in the Water Well Industry

Second in series of three webinars will be held Oct. 28

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is offering part two of its webinar series, “Advances in the Water Well Industry over the Past 20 Years,” Oct. 28.

In the second of three independent but related modules, participants will better understand advances in aquifer tests and advances in water chemistry.

The third module takes place Nov. 18.

The third edition of Groundwater & Wells (Sterrett 2007) captures many of the changes in the water well industry. These include the improvement and use of computers, microprocessors and digital equipment to enhance understanding of the subsurface; and the broader exchange of information between disciplines that enhance the design and installation of a well such as a greater emphasis on understanding the microbiology of the subsurface and the well environment.

This webinar series spotlights some of the key changes incorporated in the latest edition of Groundwater & Wells. Those who will benefit from the Webinar series include business owners, contractors, scientists, engineers and suppliers involved in the groundwater industry. Time will be allocated for questions and answers.

The webinar will be conducted by Robert J. Sterrett, Ph.D., HCItasca Denver, Inc., and Thomas Hanna, RPG, Johnson Screens.

In module three, participants will gain understanding about advances in well design and installation and advances in alternative uses of well screens.

To learn more about this webinar and other NGWA educational programs, visit www.ngwa.org or call 800.551.7379.