Dec 22, 2006

New York Sanitation Wear A Success

After several months on the market, the best-selling item from the official New York City line is a brown cap with a frayed bill and light blue Department of Sanitation patch.

New York’s sanitation commissioner told the Los Angeles Times that he was as surprised as anyone else with the success of the DSNY merchandise.
The cap has been available in city souvenir stores and carried nationally by Target since July.

Sales from the merchandise line, which can be purchased at a new online store, at, are expected to top more than $20 million annually. Royalty fees will go to fund city departments.

Last year, NYC Marketing decided to develop a new line of souvenirs and apparel. The Department of Sanitation came up with the hats, and a denim-blue T-shirt with the image of a garbage truck and the line: "Clanging Your Cans Since 1929."