Mar 21, 2007

New Water Product For Hurricanes Takes Invention Contest Prize

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.—Kristen Nevils, a local resident, has unveiled the emergency water storage product Watersafe, which is available at The product is a solution for homeowners to keep up to 65 gallons of water in the bathtub or sink, avoiding the pre-hurricane rush for bottled water. Nevils’ husband, Michael, developed the Watersafe after witnessing his 90 year-old neighbors struggle upstairs with buckets full of pool water in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Nevils explained that bathtubs are unreliable as emergency water containers, since they leak, get dirty and present hazards for children. The Watersafe is a large, food-grade plastic bladder that is placed in the bathtub first and filled with potable water. It will protect water from contamination so it is safe for drinking, bathing, cleaning and flushing.

Venture2, an innovation launching company, held an amateur invention contest at their Delray Beach, Fla. facility. Over 50 inventors applied, with one application coming all the way from Vietnam.

Inventions were ranked based on “customer need, uniqueness, and an attractive financial opportunity.” The Nevils couple was awarded the grand prize on March 16. In addition to their prize, they will automatically become clients of Venture2.