Mar 07, 2011

New Study Examines Global Mobile Water Treatment Market

Report includes projected growth rates and market shares through 2016

A new study by Research and Markets Ltd. covers the state of the global mobile water treatment market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, technology and geographical trends. Based on these data, market growth for regional and market segments are forecasted. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the competitive situation, including vendors' tiered market shares, is performed. The base year is 2009, with forecasts running through 2016. The market is divided into four sub-segments based on technology, including filtration and separation, physico-chemical, nutrient removal and disinfection technologies.

The study covers mobile water treatment systems that provide emergency and short-term purified water with the help of trailer-mounted systems for industrial and municipal purposes. It includes revenue forecasts and market share for this market. Revenues and revenue growth rates are provided for 2006 through 2016, with annual market sizes, growth rates and revenues divided by key geographic regions.

The report also covers key market forces such as industry challenges, market drivers and market restraints to evaluate their influences on the market growth. Other data includes current pricing, technology trends, competitive structure and the positioning of key participants in the industry.

The study defines mobile water treatment systems as trailer- or skid-mounted systems that offer quick, reliable and cost-effective service to meet water crises. Mobile water treatment systems are installed with various water treatment technologies, such as reverse osmosis, filtration, demineralization, ion exchange, softening or deoxygenation.