Jun 16, 2011

New Report: WEF, NBP Examine Future of Biosolids Management

Document includes an overview of current and future trends in the industry

The National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) have released a new report: “Charting the Future of Biosolids Management.” The 100-page document summarizes the discussions of a panel of experts who met at a special forum organized by WEF and the NBP last December.

The downloadable report highlights current and future trends and offers recommendations for activities to help leverage the potential of biosolids management into the future. To keep up with current needs, the practice and definition of biosolids management is undergoing fundamental changes.

Today, there is an increased focus on biosolids as a renewable resource, which provides an opportunity to reinforce the practice as a valuable community resource in the context of not only renewable energy needs and nutrient recovery, but also in terms of urban sustainability interests and soil depletion.

Prepared by CDM, the report discusses this new approach in detail by examining several current and future trends in the areas of regulation and policy, technology, operations and maintenance, and training for professionals in the biosolids sector.

It concludes with a recommended action plan that includes some tasks that will be taken on by WEF and the NBP, as well as others that might be taken up by WEF, the NBP, regional associations, researchers, regulators, consultants and/or utilities. The goal of the action plan is to support sustainable solids management for the benefit of the public and the environment.