Jun 19, 2009

New Officers Announced at Plastics Pipe Institute

Donna Stoughton becomes first female chairman of the board

Donna Stoughton of Charter Plastics, Inc. has been named the chairman of the Board of Directors for the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI), Inc., the major trade association whose mission is to promote plastics as the material of choice for piping applications. Stoughton is a 15-year veteran of the pipe industry and the director of sales and marketing for Charter Plastics, Titusville, Pa., a manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.

“We are especially proud to watch Donna ascend to this position as the first woman to chair our Board, and we are looking forward to her guidance,” said Tony Radoszewski, executive director of PPI. “She exemplifies a depth of experience and knowledge that members respect within our association and brings leadership abilities from insight gained during her active participation on numerous PPI committees. Donna has served as the vice chairman of the Board, chairman of the PPI Fuel Gas Division, and as the PPI Marketing Committee chair. She has represented PPI at the United States Conference of Mayors during its annual meetings for the past several years, working tirelessly to educate mayors, city managers and others about smart, economical and environmentally-conscious solutions for rehabilitating our nation’s deteriorating underground infrastructure.”

“PPI is a tremendous resource for the pipe industry,” Stoughton said. “During the two years of my term, my objectives are to drive the continued development of PPI’s technical resources; expand PPI’s outreach and promotion of plastic pipe; and facilitate our association’s growth with programs that serve the needs of our member companies and their end users.”

Along with Stoughton, other members of the Board of Directors are Gary Runyan (Zurn PEX Plumbing), vice-chairman; Dave Morgan (Performance Pipe), past chairman; Jim Craig (McElroy), advisory council chairman; and Heather Turner (Dow Chemical), treasurer.

Also participating with the Board are the chairs of the five PPI divisions:
Corrugated Plastic Pipe Division, Patrick Collins (Lane Enterprises); Municipal and Industrial Division, David Fink (WL Plastics); Fuel Gas Division, White Jee, (INEOS); Heating & Plumbing Division, Chris Haldiman (Watts Radiant, Inc.); and the Conduit Division, Mark Stuhlreyer (Blue Diamond Industries).