New Jersey Township Waste Water Plant Includes Ondeo Biological Aerated Filter System

As part of an upgrade to its 8.5 mgd wastewater treatment plant, the Township of Neptune Sewage Authority (TNSA) has issued a $3.15 million contract to Ondeo Degremont, Inc. (ODI) for a Biofor biological aerated filter system. The Ondeo Degremont Biofor® system will provide year-round nitrification and will reduce acute toxicity in accordance with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection standards. ODI will supply process equipment, installation assistance and startup service.

TNSA and Birdsall Engineering, Inc. of South Belmar, New Jersey selected Ondeo Degremont’s Biofor system as the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient solution for the Neptune plant upgrade when independent testing demonstrated additional biological treatment was necessary in order to reduce acute toxicity to below the required limits.

Richard Watson of Birdsall Engineering, Inc., said, "We conducted extensive tests to confirm the effectiveness of additional biological treatment in reducing acute toxicity from TNSA effluent. The Biofor technology was considered to be an excellent fit for this upgrade and subsequent analysis and testing confirmed this."

A two-month Biofor pilot study finalized design parameters and confirmed the Biofor system’s ability to meet stringent effluent standards. The pilot also demonstrated reliability and ease of operation.

Northeast Remsco, Inc. of Lakewood, New Jersey has been awarded a contract for the installation of the Biofor® system. Construction will begin this month, with startup expected in 2003.

The Ondeo Degremont Biofor system is a high-rate, upflow biological fixed-film system that employs a proprietary dense granular support media. The media acts as a biological contactor as well as a filter, eliminating the need for a separate clarification step.

Ondeo Degremont

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