Aug 18, 2010

New Corrosion-Resistant Plating Available on Noshok Valves

Testing yields favorable results, company says

NOSHOK said it has recently experienced excellent results with salt spray (fog) corrosion testing on samples of our valve products using zinc nickel plating. Because of these results, the company said, all NOSHOK needle and manifold valves will now utilize this material as standard plating to withstand and endure in the harshest environments.

As a result of international aerospace and automotive companies making the switch to zinc nickel plating for their components over the last decade, NOSHOK decided to put this plating to the test for themselves. In a certified test by an independent lab, two samples were subjected to 1,000-plus hours of exposure to a 5% salt spray (fog) environment in a test chamber operated and maintained in accordance with ASTM B-117-07a. After 21 hours, the electroless nickel-plated sample showed significant corrosion, the company said.

The zinc nickel-plated sample, however, showed no visible corrosion on the part after 1,000-plus hours of exposure. Internal tests yielded the same results: After being submerged for 3,500 hours in a 10% salt solution, the zinc nickel-plated valves far outperformed the electroless nickel and cobalt-plated valves in terms of corrosion resistance.

Zinc nickel plating provides increased deposit hardness which results in extended wear resistance and longer service life--an ideal quality for most industrial applications, according to NOSHOK. It is also WEEE and RoHS compliant. Note: Colors may vary due to normal process variation and will not affect the performance of the valve.