New Anthrax Test Being Verified by Independent Lab

Vital Living Products Inc. has said that given recent events, including two deaths in Washington D.C. from anthrax, and to assure potential customers that PurTest Anthrax Test is effective, it will have an independent laboratory verify the performance of the product. VLPI plans to include information regarding the independent laboratory testing in the packaging for PurTest Anthrax Test.
VLPI began development of Anthrax Test following September 11. The test utilizes technology similar to that employed by the company's Bacteria Test that has been on the market since 1996 and tests water for the presence of coliform bacteria. The Anthrax Test will allow anyone to test air, surfaces and water. The test detects the presence of anthrax germs and spores, providing consumers with results at home or in the workplace.
Donald R. Podrebarac, President and CEO of Vital Living Products, Inc. said, "Initial conversations with retailers have indicated strong potential demand for the test. However, recent events have caused the retailers we identified in prior announcements to amend their commitments to carry the test to one of reviewing the product. We are receiving purchase orders for PurTest(R) Anthrax Test and therefore, we will fill orders based upon availability at the time orders are received. Demand for our test seems to be high, and we hope by having an independent laboratory verify the effectiveness of PurTest(R) Anthrax Test it will help provide confidence and piece of mind about the product. We believe our efforts to achieve broad distribution and sales of the product will be enhanced by the independent laboratory results."

Vital Living Products

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