Nestle Sued for Falsely Advertising Poland Spring Water

Suit Claims Company Uses Heavily Treated Groundwater; Nestle Denies 'Misleading' Accusations

In a class-action lawsuit filed, consumers claim that Nestle Waters North America (Nestle), a subsidiary of Nestle S.A., falsely advertises its top-selling Poland Spring brand bottled water.

In a class-action lawsuit filed, consumers claim that Nestle Waters North America (Nestle), a subsidiary of Nestle S.A., falsely advertises its top-selling Poland Spring brand bottled water. The suit alleges Nestle uses heavily treated water taken from common ground water sources when bottling Poland Spring, but then labels the bottles as spring water and charges consumers a premium price for supposedly higher quality water.

Filed in Connecticut Superior Court, the suit argues that Nestle's claims of Poland Spring as "found deep in the woods of Maine" and "exceptionally well protected by nature" intentionally deceives customers about the true nature of the sources, most of which are surrounded by asphalt parking lots or potentially dangerous contamination. Similar suits were also filed in New Jersey Superior Court and Massachusetts Superior Court.

The suit also alleges Nestle falsely advertises Poland Spring as "naturally purified" or "spring water" since the water does not meet the scientific definition for spring water. Spring water is defined as water obtained from an underground source that flows naturally to the surface or would flow naturally to the surface if it were not collected underground.

"We believe this is nothing more than a bottled-water bait and switch," said Tom Sobol, the attorney representing consumers. "Consumers purchase Poland Spring thinking they getting a higher quality natural spring water, but our suit will show that Poland Spring is neither natural nor spring water, and in fact comes from sources of a lesser quality than some tap water."

In a marketing campaign designed to encourage customers to pay a premium price, Nestle describes Poland Spring "found deep in the woods of Maine, Poland Spring natural spring water is exceptionally well protected by nature. For more than 150 years, people have appreciated its distinctive, clean, crisp taste." Other marketing materials refer to Poland Spring as "natural spring water" taken from "pristine sources," according to the complaint.

Poland Springs issued a statement denying any of these accusations. "We are appalled by the false and misleading allegations contained in the legal actions filed. We want to assure our customers that Poland Spring Brand Natural Spring Water is pure natural spring water with an excellent track record for quality. Every bottle of Poland Spring Brand Natural Spring Water clearly identifies the location of its sources in Maine. Poland Spring Brand Natural Spring Water is regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and meets all federal and state regulations governing product quality and labeling, spring water collection, and manufacturing practices."

The original Poland Spring, once the site of a small bottling company, has not flowed since 1967, according to the complaint. The actual sources of Poland Spring water, located up to 30 miles away from the original Poland Spring, depend on man-made production wells drawing more than six million gallons of water a year, none of which is drawn from the original Poland Spring, the complaint states.

The suit states that as Nestle expanded production of Poland Spring water, the company began digging supply wells and using nearby groundwater, much of which had high potential for contamination.

One of Poland Spring's sources, Garden Spring, taps into a common aquifer underneath a gravel pit eight miles away from the site of Poland Spring. According to the complaint, the well is not located deep in the woods of Maine as Nestle advertises, but in a parking lot along the side of a road used by hundreds of trucks and cars daily.

According to the complaint, hydro-geologists hired by Nestle found that another current source for Poland Spring water near the original site stands over a former trash and refuse dump, and below an illegal disposal site where human sewage was sprayed as fertilizer for many years. The suit argues similar contamination problems were found with other sources of Poland Spring.

After Nestle dramatically increased Poland Spring production during the mid to late 1990s, consumers filed a rash of complaints against Poland Spring water, which Massachusetts and Rhode Island regulators determined was due to bacterial contamination, the complaint states.

Nestle now subjects all water bottled at the Poland Spring plant to an extensive treatment program including ozonation, carbon tower filtration and UV light treatment.

The suit seeks to ban Nestle from promoting or advertising products as "spring water" if they do not meet scientific definitions, and a restitution amount to the general public.

Poland Springs' statement concluded that "All of us at Poland Spring have worked very hard to ensure the quality of our product and earn our customers' trust. On behalf of our customers and employees, we intend to vigorously defend ourselves against the charges in this suit."

Hagens Berman and Poland Spring Water

Unknown foreign material

I recently contacted Poland Spring complaining about a 2.5 gallon container that had small pieces of dark material floating in the water and dark stains inside the container. Customer Satisfaction Ambassador, James Carry, asked me to send the opened and an unopened container back to him for lab testing to identify the contaminant. Mr. Carry had two shipping boxes shipped to my home and I followed his specific instructions on how to fill a sterile sample in the provided sample cup. I immediately sent back both shipping boxes the same day they were received - tracking #1ZY332728745691312. On received a letter from Mr. Carry dated 8/24/16 stating that the sample cup did contain small floating pieces of dark material but because the container had been opened the sample was compromised. He then stated that it was highly unlikely that this material could have entered a bottle during production therefore they are at a loss to explain my experience. Poland Spring did not conduct lab analysis as stated prior to my sending in the samples. This is even after voicing my request to find out what what was being ingested by dog, who was drinking Poland Spring water, and is undergoing chemo therapy for cancer. On September 7th at 10 AM I called Poland Spring to discuss my disappointment and spoke to supervisor Mark Hudak and he told me he would try to find the samples I sent to Poland Spring and provide lab analysis.

Nestle & Poland Spring

When was Poland Spring bought by Nestle? I have used Poland Spring for many years and in the past year or so I started noticing that Poland Spring is owned by Nestle.

As of yesterday 08/21/2015 one of my Daughters noticed an odd odor when she took a sealed 16oz bottle of water from the frig. Also the past few cases that we have bought, we have noticed that the bottles are not being formed properly. They look like they are leaning to one side and yes these are sealed UN-opened bottles.

Question / Thoughts:
What is happening to the Poland Spring water and bottles now that Nestle owns Poland Spring. I have noticed something very different with Poland Spring bottled water over the past year or so. They made changes and while they are not required to disclose everything to the general public, but if they are or have changed the bottling process and or using "City water" and "Spring Water" mixture then yes we the consumer should be informed one way or another.

I urge Nestle to disclose all changes and how they are processing the water that is sold under the name of Poland Spring, because if anyone in my family or I are sickened. I will be talking to my lawyer. Something is not right with Poland Spring bottled water as of this date 08/22/2015 it just does not taste as fresh as it always used to.

this article is from 2003

The date on this article is 2003 so Nestle has owned Poland Spring for quite a while.

Poland Spring

Watch the movie Tapped!!! It's about the bottled water industry and focuses on Poland Spring. Poland Spring almost emptied the reservoirs in Maine. This continued as well during a drought where the residents were restricted usage of water with fines attached for violating the order. Despite the fact Poland Spring continued to pump selling it's so called spring water. From my knowledge the company has gotten sued twice. Currently there is an issue with Poland Spring (Nestle corp)in California. They are doing the same as was done in Maine. My suggestion is you're better off getting water from your own sink rather than theirs


I have been wondering why Poland Spring water seems not to taste and refresh as good as Adirondack spring water but despite that awareness I like the water and service well enough to continue as their customer. "I hope and pray that the allegations against Poland Spring is false, perhaps because of low morals in competition.

Poland Spring Water delivery in NYC


I have being buying Poland Spring Water for over 25 years and these types of claim s came and gone every now and then. I have being using different beverage suppliers, coffee for less and and was told that these accusations are not real and they are just too drive customers away but it is not going to work. Poland Spring is a high quality water.

Poland Spring Water Bottles

Why did Poland Spring increase the plastic thickness in its water bottles recently? They lessened the plastic content a year or more ago to a flimsy thin plastic. Now it's 2 or 3X thicker. What is going on?

Poland spring water

Is Poland Spring water clean to drink without filtering or purified to remove harmful bacteria and residue found in the spring?

poland springs water

I lived in poland springs from 1983 to 1985. There are many lakes in the area. I drank the tap water. we swam in the lakes. not long before moving i was told several years prior to my leaving the area that the lakes were contaminated and no fish lived in them. I was told that airplanes flew over the lakes and the residents of the area watched as tons of giant white tablets were dropped in to the lakes there in the area then the lakes were supposedly useable. I am sure the lake water and the ground water are connected so you be the judge All of the above is alleged and heresay since i personally did not have first hand knowledge or see this for myself so there fore i relieve myself of any liabilities in the above said statements and cannot say whether they are fact or fiction

never again

Only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally beneath the Earth..yea long ago was that gone?

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