Nearly $53,000 Collected in Ray Cross Challenge to Benefit WQRF

It’s been just over a month since Water Specialist Emeritus Ray E. Cross announced his $300,000 challenge to benefit the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF), and Water Quality Association (WQA) members have donated nearly $53,000 in response.
Celebrating attendance at his 60th consecutive convention, Cross announced his decision to bequeath up to $300,000 of his estate to the WQRF Endowment Fund in the form of a challenge grant to all WQA members. For every new dollar contributed to WQRF through April 1, 2007, Cross will match it, up to $300,000.
WQA staff collected $18,700 in donations during WQA Aquatech USA, and money has been coming in from different sources since the March 29 announcement. Donations made in conjunction with dues renewals have tallied nearly $53,000 so far.
In addition, WQRF will also benefit from donors on the West coast due to the recently announced match by the Pacific Water Quality Association. PWQA has vowed to match every new dollar contributed by a PWQA member, up to a total of $2,500. PWQA’s Board of Directors has announced that in the unlikely event they do not meet the allotted $2,500 figure, the Board will donate any remaining funds directly to WQRF.
“It has been a long held dream of mine to provide something within the water industry that will benefit all of mankind. The Water Quality Research Foundation Endowment Fund can be this lasting legacy to help protect and expand the future of the water quality improvement industry for the benefit of everyone,” Cross said in a statement released during the March convention.
“My goal ... is to increase the WQRF Endowment Fund by a grand total of $600,000 and to guarantee that much-needed, ongoing funding for education and scientific research is always available,” Cross said.
The Water Quality Research Foundation was formed in 1949 to serve, on behalf of the Water Quality Association, as a universally recognized, independent research organization to conduct and fund scientific research on subjects relating to the water quality improvement industry.


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