Naturally Wallace Consulting Launched to Provide Natural Treatment Solutions

Firm specializes in process engineering of ecological designs including treatment wetlands, groundwater remediation systems, stream restoration and watershed management

Naturally Wallace Consulting (NWC) was recently launched to provide natural treatment solutions for unique and complex wastewater streams. The firm includes the knowledge of the former North American Wetland Engineering group, with a combined expertise of more than 50 years in natural treatment system design. Naturally Wallace specializes in process engineering of ecological designs, including treatment wetlands, groundwater remediation systems, stream restoration and watershed management.

“Our vision is to share our expertise in natural treatment systems as a catalyst for expanding their use to improve water quality throughout the world,” said President Scott Wallace. “We are actively seeking projects that benefit the environment and help the people they serve by lowering capital and lifecycle costs and creating green space and natural habitats.”

NWC has been involved in more than 250 natural treatment solutions projects treating industrial wastewater streams throughout the world, including landfill leachate, petroleum-contaminated waters, airport deicing runoff, mine tailings, power generation and agricultural waste treatment systems. As process experts in the use of natural systems, the company has the capacity to implement feasibility and pilot studies that help optimize full-scale designs. The company operates as a Women Business Enterprise and meets the requirements of the Women Business Enterprise National Council.

Naturally Wallace holds patents for Forced Bed Aeration in horizontal and vertical wetlands, which overcome the oxygen transfer limitations of conventional passive wetland systems. The company said it also designed the first cold-climate insulated wetlands in the U.S. and has been monitoring temperatures and calculating energy flows in constructed wetlands since 1995.

Naturally Wallace Consulting

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