May 17, 2016

National Water Co., AAA Washington Offer Water & Sewer Line Protection Insurance

Service lines are covered up to $10,000 annually

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National Water Company and AAA Washington have partnered to offer an affordable water/sewer line protection plan to AAA Washington members.

Many homeowners are unaware that their homeowners insurance does not cover the repair or replacement of underground water and sewer pipes that go from the home to the street.  

As cities in Washington State age, so do the water and sewer lines that run through homeowners' properties, and they can become a homeowner's nightmare. In particular, exterior water and sewer lines can deteriorate because of unpreventable conditions such as invasive tree roots, shifting/settling ground, poor installation, age, rocky soil conditions or seasonal changes. The cost to locate, excavate and repair these underground service lines can cost thousands of dollars and can be a significant financial burden.

Monitoring your water and sewer lines on a regular basis requires the type of expertise and diagnostic equipment that most people don't have the time or resources to obtain. As a result, most people don't discover problems with these service lines until a failure occurs, creating the risk of expensive damage, not to mention potentially wasting water or contaminating surrounding soils and waterways.

Thanks to the partnership between AAA Washington and National Water Co., AAA Washington members have an economical option for exterior water and/or sewer line coverage, and can protect themselves from costly repairs for a few dollars per month with a zero deductible. Each service line, which are the sections between your outside foundation and the water meter and/or sewer connection at your property line, is covered up to $10,000 annually for everything from a minor water line leak to a major repair. Additionally, once enrolled in the program, AAA Washington members can call a 24/7 customer service hotline and have 24-hour emergency response by local approved contractors.

In the three years since AAA Washington and National Water Co. joined forces, more than 1,000 AAA Washington members have filed claims for water and sewer line repairs with positive results.