MWH Soft Ships Third Generation of H2OMAP Skeletonizer

MWH Soft, Inc., a global provider of water resources applications software, shipped the newest version of its H2OMAP Skeletonizer software, recognized as the industry standard for hydraulic network model skeletonization. Skeletonizer 3.0 further develops the power of H2OMAP Utility Suite as the indispensable engineering complement to geospatial infrastructure management software technologies. It provides engineers and GIS professionals with an easy-to-use, fully automated geospatial environment in which to rapidly construct sound, credible, and intelligent hydraulic network models from large GIS data sets of water infrastructure. The introduction, at a time when more users across the industry are adopting Skeletonizer, reflects MWH Soft's unwavering commitment to the GIS market.

Based on customer feedback, the significant new features and improvements in H2OMAP Skeletonizer 3.0 equip water utilities and consulting engineering firms worldwide with the most powerful and advanced geospatial hydraulic network model construction tool in the market. Among many features, the program allows users to quickly process detailed GIS data coverage, eliminate extraneous information, and efficiently generate reliable water system network models ready for analysis.

Using advanced graphical and database management capabilities, the new Skeletonizer automatically reduces excessive pipe segmentation (created by valves, fire hydrants, and the data capture process) to any degree of skeletonization while maintaining the hydraulic behavior of the larger, original model. It does so by merging series pipes (and dissolving their interior nodes) based on any user-specified combination of physical attributes (e.g., similar diameter, material and age); removing pipes less than a specified diameter; consolidating parallel pipes into a single hydraulically equivalent pipe; and trimming short pipe segments, including dead ends, service connections and hydrant leads. It even automatically re-allocates junction node demands (including associated demand patterns) based on either a distance-weighted or evenly distributed approach. A comprehensive, fully intelligent network topology preservation algorithm prohibits any system disconnection, ensuring network model integrity and its hydraulic equivalency at all times.

"H2OMAP Skeletonizer 3.0 delivers the advanced functionality our customers need to develop more credible hydraulic network models faster and realize greater productivity gains through lower model development, calibration, and maintenance costs." Said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., President and Chief Operating Officer of MWH Soft. "Customers looking to create hydraulic network models directly from GIS data sets will find H2OMAP Skeletonizer offers unparalleled ease of use, computational stability, performance, productivity, and functionality."

By delivering complete, integrated geospatial data management solutions that transform GIS digital data to a format that can be used in various network modeling applications, Skeletonizer 3.0 greatly facilitates GIS data exchange throughout the enterprise, helping users do their jobs more efficiently.

MWH Soft, Inc.

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