MWH Soft Releases Protector Extension for Advanced Geospatial Platforms

Stretching the boundaries of innovation in the geospatial waterworks industry, MWH Soft, Inc., a global provider of water resources applications software, announced a new release of its acclaimed Protector extension for H2OMAP and InfoWater Suite advanced geospatial platforms. The latest version extends Protector's water security and vulnerability assessment capabilities by adding new risk management functionality. The result gives water system professionals expanded power and flexibility in estimating and managing the consequences of an emergency, disruption, or a crisis event on drinking water infrastructures and shortening response time more easily than ever before.
Protector enables water utilities to prepare for and respond to unforeseen incidents with effectiveness, quickly locating and isolating areas of their systems affected by a contamination or water main break, instantly communicating critical information to personnel and affected customers, and developing sound remedial measures.
Harnessing the power of advanced geospatial technology and graph-theoretical algorithms, the new Protector extension is a complete emergency response solution for water distribution systems. It allows water utilities to model the propagation of naturally disseminated, accidentally released, or intentionally introduced contaminants and chemical constituents throughout water distribution systems and assess the effects of water treatment on the contaminant. Users can also evaluate the potential impact of unforeseen facility breakdown, like significant structural damage such as pipe breaks and/or operational disruption.
Protector enables water utilities to locate areas of their systems affected by contamination or breakdown; identify populations at risk and convey customer notification information; and identify the minimum number of valves to close to isolate a contamination or facility breakdown event and minimize water supply interruption.
Finally, the new extension helps water utilities trace contaminant sources; compute required purging water volumes; develop efficient flushing strategies; determine the resulting impact on fire-fighting capabilities; and prepare data for eventual prosecution.
"With this release, we are responding to feedback from our customers asking for practical water system operation and management tools. We have responded by enhancing the capabilities of our state-of-the-art Protector module with new features and functionality that can be implemented quickly and easily," said Paul F. Boulos, PhD, president and chief operating officer of MWH Soft. "This vanguard module, unparalleled in the industry, will critically assist water utilities around the world in improving the operation and management of their systems, mitigating a range of risks, protecting public health, ensuring a safe, reliable potable water supply, and giving their customers added security and peace of mind."
The H2OMAP Water and InfoWater Protector extension is now available worldwide by subscription to the Platinum Program. Subscription members can immediately download the new extension free of charge directly from its Website.

MWH Soft, Inc.

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