Feb 10, 2011

MWH Soft Releases New Version of InfoSewer Software

Latest release includes updates requested by customers

MWH Soft announced the worldwide availability of the V7 generation of InfoSewer for the ArcGIS platform. The seventh version of the software introduces key enhancements requested by customers that increase engineering productivity, improve network analysis and design and enhance the visualization, comprehension, management and assessment of modeling results.

Certified by the National Assn. of GIS-Centric Software, InfoSewer is an ArcGIS-centric software for use in planning, designing, analyzing and expanding sanitary, storm and combined sewer collection systems. It can be used to model both dry-weather and wet-weather flows and determine the most cost-effective and reliable method of wastewater collection. Built atop ArcGIS, InfoSewer enables engineers and GIS professionals to work simultaneously on the same integrated platform, commanding geospatial analysis and hydraulic modeling in a single environment using a single dataset.

According to MWH Soft, the new InfoSewer V7 delivers advanced design functionality and exponential increases in efficiency while simplifying use, and improves speed and reliability by using memory more efficiently when working with large models. Users can now quickly and reliably design new sewer collection systems that consider standard design criteria such as flow depth-to-pipe diameter ratios, velocity, slope, soil cover depth and pipe crown drop. Using user-input manhole locations and rules, InfoSewer V7 calculates the optimal pipe and slope, invert elevation of conduits and manholes, soil cover depths at both ends of each pipe section and cost of excavation and reinstatement to meet target design criteria. Results can be reviewed using profile plots with advanced labeling of 30 node and link variables, color coded sewer maps of these variables or 20 comprehensive tabular reports. The profile plots can be automatically updated in the model database for steady state and extended period simulations of new and existing designs, simplifying the model building process.

“We are deeply committed to providing a network modeling experience that is both intuitive and powerful, and InfoSewer V7 embodies that commitment,” said Paul F. Boulos, president and chief operating officer of MWH Soft. “This has been the software package of choice for many progressive wastewater utilities, and we are excited to extend its benefits to both the engineering and ArcGIS user community.”