Feb 06, 2001

MTC Teams with Coactive Networks to Deliver an Energy Communications and Management Solution

Utilities and Energy Services Companies to Benefit from Internet-Based Meter Reading and Control

Coactive Networks, a leading provider of residential gateways for connecting the Internet to all devices in homes and businesses, and Metering Technology Corporation (MTC), a leading supplier of low-cost meters for energy measurement and communications solutions, have announced an agreement for the integration of their technologies to deliver an intelligent, Internet-based meter reading and output control solution for low-cost mass deployment by utilities.

Utility and energy companies implementing the Coactive Connector® gateway technology with MTC’s variety of solid state smart energy meters can utilize existing Internet connectivity infrastructures, from home telephone lines to broadband. With this new functionality, utilities can better exercise load management for increased efficiency and conservation of power resources, while also ensuring better price control for consumers.

"While today’s customers want to know more about their energy consumption and ultimately control costs, utility companies are struggling to balance supply and demand in a new regulatory environment. The old model of reading a meter once a month just doesn‚t work anymore," said Peter Larsson, president and CEO of MTC. "Pairing Coactive’s reliable, flexible telemetry gateway with MTC’s intelligent metering provides immediate, accurate, even device-specific energy consumption information that enables utilities to partner with their customers for optimum energy management."

"Utilities are gaining access to a revolutionary convergence of services and technology -- real-time data plus advanced two-way communications and control via the Internet -- that will allow them to best manage and respond to increasing power needs," said David Gaw, president and CEO of Coactive Networks. "The Coactive and MTC alliance starts with advanced energy management controls and extends into new home control functionalities -- a tantalizing proposition for utility executives facing deregulation, who can now use innovative services to create new revenue streams, grow their customer base, and bolster brand awareness."

Advanced Energy Communications & Management Coactive’s Energy Bundle, an Internet-based suite of energy management services based on the Coactive Connector® residential gateway, offers a timely solution to rising power costs and energy resource inefficiencies as it simultaneously blazes a trail toward overall smart home functionality. Interfacing with MTC’s intelligent energy meters, the Coactive Energy Bundle enables connectivity by making use of existing home electrical wiring between the meter and the residential gateway and extending communication to the Internet with either a shared phone line or broadband connection. With direct Internet access to the meter as well as to key energy-using devices, the utility service provider can offer several efficiency-enhancing and convenience features centered on increased consumer knowledge coupled with control options. Examples include consumer alerts during peak usage periods and remote home management capabilities such as controlling home lights or temperature from any Web browser or WAP-enabled wireless phone.