Aug 28, 2006

Monster Separation System Wins 2006 WEF Innovative Technology Award

JWC Environmental received the WEF Innovative Technology award in 1997 for the revolutionary Auger Monster screen. Four years later in 2001, the company’s visionary engineers produced another winner with the Screenings Washer Monster, and again in 2003 with the Honey Monster Septage Receiving System.
The Monster Separation System is this year’s winner of WEF’s 2006 Innovative Technology Award in the Solids Handling/Disposal category. The presentation will take place at WEFTEC.06. This award is presented to the WEF Member who introduces the most innovative new product or service related to the construction, operation or maintenance of water pollution control facilities.
“JWC is proud of its heritage of innovation. We constantly strive to provide our customers with leading-edge solutions to enhance their operations. We are very pleased that WEF recognizes the advancements we have made over the years, as we have continued to develop systems of increasing complexity, all integrating the tremendous benefits of solids reduction.” said Fritz Egger, JWC director of marketing.
Competition was rigorous, as each nominee was required to provide extensive detail on the innovative aspects of the product’s capability, design and field application. The Monster Separation System met all the criteria due primarily to its unique combination of a Finescreen Monster or Bandscreen Monster to capture and remove solids, and the award winning Screenings Washer Monster, a self-contained, hopper fed system used to wash, dry and compact them. The result is drier, more compact, lighter and cleaner solids than conventional technologies can produce. Field results have shown a tremendous reduction in landfill volume and cost, as well as reduction in odors. Studies have shown the SWM achieves dry solids content of 50% or more and a reduction in the cubic volume of material by 80% or more.