Sep 03, 2002

Sludge Measurement System Thrives in Extreme Temperatures

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Solartron Mobrey's MSL600 system recently was tested
as part of an evaluation process conducted by Toronto, Canada's Highland
Creek sewage treatment plant managers. After careful analysis of the results,
they determined the MSL600 sludge level monitoring system installed on trial at
the plant performed without problem even at temperatures as low as

The system is used for sludge control on the plant's
primary settlement tank. The ultrasonic transducer unit, suspended in the
supernatant, transmits an ultrasonic pulse, which is reflected off the sludge
blanket. The time of flight of the echo determines the height of the blanket to
an accuracy of ±25mm.

The blanket level measurement and a graphical display of the
sludge blanket are displayed continuously on the control unit, located in the
plant?s control room, as the bridge traverses the tank. A wireless radio
telemetry link between the bridge mounted control unit and the control room
based receiver allows the process to be monitored and controlled at a distance
without having to install expensive cable.

Herb Kershaw, president of BEP Bestobell Limited, Solartron
Mobrey's Canadian distributor, explains: "The system installed at
Highland Creek STW has a self-cleaning ultrasonic transducer. The extreme conditions
could have presented the system with problems, but the self-cleaning mechanism
has not been hampered by the low temperature at all."

Fouling of the sensor face in the hostile environment of the
sludge tank is prevented by an innovative air-purge system which cleans the
face of debris at regular, user-programmable intervals. Much more effective
than mechanical cleaning devices--which can themselves easily become
fouled--the MSL600 air purge system maintains the reliability and accuracy
of the measurement.

A member of The Roxboro Group, Solartron Mobrey manufactures
measurement and control sensors, offering an extensive range of level, flow,
pressure, density, viscosity and other measurement solutions.

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