Dec 10, 2012

Smart Phones Deliver Quick, Reliable Data

Since the introduction of the Palm handheld device (and perhaps before), everyone has been looking for cost-effective mobile solutions for their water/wastewater infrastructure needs. Initially, everybody had some proprietary solution promising to do this or that, unifying all for a small fortune within a firewall. Then came the era of the Apple iPhone and Google Android, liberating people with the promise of virtually free applications to perform laser-focused tasks. So how do we take advantage of all that mobile technology has to offer?

The answer depends largely on who you are—engineer, operator, system administrator or service provider. Clearly, the field is ripe for exploiting the technology for anyone who operates in any sort of remote or field capacity, where data retrieval and manipulation, calculations, systems communication and recording were previously done on paper. All of these can now be done on a handheld device in a more efficient way, storing data securely in a single location and even backup.

Likewise, a whole suite of possibilities exists for traveling engineers or system providers who need efficient, instant access to information. A future where even the most complicated operations previously requiring someone to be tethered to a high-powered PC at a desk, can be undertaken smoothly in the palm of one’s hand is not far off.

One of the most common and useful field calculation needs is producing quick yet reliable total dynamic head (TDH) calculations for pumping systems. Engineers need answers in the field—quickly, accurately and reliably. It is in this spirit that the TDH Pump Calculator app for the iPhone was developed. The app allows engineers to simply enter the hydraulic parameters of a pumping system and automatically calculate the TDH.

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