RJN Performs Temporary Flow Monitoring, Analysis

RJN will monitor the wastewater collection system for 90 days

RJN Broken Arrow Oklahoma flow monitoring

RJN Group Inc. is currently performing temporary flow monitoring of the city of Broken Arrow, Okla.’s wastewater collection system. The project began in early March 2013 with the installation of 42 flowmeters and eight rain gauges.

The monitoring is projected for a 90-day duration, during which time average and peak sewer flows will be captured. After the data is collected, RJN’s Flow Data Group will analyze it and a determination will be made of the infiltration/inflow in the sewer system.

RJN is acting as a sub consultant to HDR Inc. and is performing the flow monitoring to support their development of a hydraulic model of the wastewater collection system. The project is scheduled for completion at the end of August 2013.

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