Green Turtle Introduces Smartpro Wireless RF System

Monitors grease, solids and sludge in grease interceptors, oil separators

Green Turtle introduces the Smartpro Wireless RF system, a wireless system for monitoring grease, solids and sludge in grease interceptors and oil separators. With the wireless radio frequency monitor and alarm system that remotely and reliably provides real-time data via the push of a button, facilities managers now have unparalleled insight into the grease and solids levels in their interceptors and the peace of mind from regulatory compliance that comes as a result. These benefits are provided free of cables, wires and long-term monitoring fees, making Smartpro Wireless RF a truly "no-strings attached" solution to costly alternative systems.

The Smartpro Wireless RF probe, mounted inside the interceptor, communicates with the control panel in the office at distances up to 300 ft. There are no wires to connect the probe to the control panel, so facility managers can realize immediate cost savings by not having to tear up parking lots or traffic pads during installation. Also, since the system is based on RF rather than costly cellular technology, there are no monthly third-party monitoring fees or access charges that can quickly make other systems too expensive to operate longer term.

With Smartpro Wireless, data is ever-present, up-to-the-minute and extremely accurate with just the push of a button, meaning that users can realize potential pumping cost-savings by only pumping when the tank is at capacity, rather than on a predetermined and often unreliable schedule. The ongoing knowledge available as a result of the Smartpro Wireless RF system also provides the local regulator the visibility needed to manage the system without lifting heavy access covers or using messy measuring devices, yet remaining confident the system is compliant.

Smartpro Wireless RF is very simple to install and maintain both in new interceptors and as a retrofit into existing interceptors and separators. Within hours users will have a complete monitoring system, without the need for backhoes, new asphalt or concrete, electrical contractors or off-site monitoring contracts.

Green Turtle

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