Oct 05, 2012

Xylem Introduces New Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Company reveals three new treatment options at WEFTEC 2012

Xylem Inc., unveiled three new water treatment solutions for delivery to the North American market. Xylem, which spun off from ITT Corp. last year, launched the new systems—Wedeco Duron, Sanitaire BioLoop oxidation ditch and Leopold I.M.S 1000 media retainer—at WEFTEC 2012 in New Orleans.

Ron Port, head of Xylem’s treatment business said, “Energy efficiency is a key concern for customers as they seek to reduce costs and maximize the effectiveness of their operations. Our new, innovative solutions respond to our clients’ needs for optimal energy and cost efficiency, without compromising on performance and are designed to make our customers’ jobs as easy as possible. “

One of Xylem’s new solutions is an open channel ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system called WEDECO Duron that delivers clean, safe treated wastewater that minimizes energy and footprint. Designed for mid-size to large open channel systems, the new system eliminates the need for chemical based disinfection while simultaneously reducing electricity costs and the amount of space required. It has been designed as the ideal fit for all medium to large size wastewater treatment plants that are looking for an environmentally friendly disinfection option that is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Xylem also unveiled the Sanitaire BioLoop oxidation ditch, for biological wastewater treatment, a complete solution which cuts energy costs by up to 50% compared to conventional oxidation ditch technology. The system consists of a complete process approach, which typically includes aeration, submersible mixers, blowers, monitoring and process control systems with sludge age control, all designed to provide a flexible, yet simple-to-operate system.

The solution’s fine bubble diffused aeration is significantly more energy efficient than mechanical aerators and can be designed to accommodate stringent nutrient removal regulations for nitrogen and phosphorus. By combining Sanitaire aeration with the mixing technology of Xylem’s Flygt mixers, the Sanitaire BioLoop delivers excellent life cycle cost benefits, reliable effluent quality and single source responsibility for both new and retrofit oxidation ditch systems.

Xylem has also engineered a new water filtration technology to replace support gravel in the wastewater market, making it the only media retainer available for wastewater. The new Leopold I.M.S 1000 media retainer allows wastewater treatment plants to consistently deliver higher quality effluent than with support gravel due to increased media depth and available driving head. Suitable for use in wastewater plants, in GAC contactors, in biologically active filters and in the construction of filters for de-nitrification, the new media retainer also costs less to install and operate. It enhances Xylem’s media retainer range which already includes the Leopold I.M.S 200 for drinking water.