Sep 06, 2016

Landia Restores Decade-Old Submersible Mixers

Wastewater treatment plant’s incorrect parts, maintenance procedures affect operation

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Landia helped a customer restore its 10-year-old submersible mixer kit to optimum operation.

In 2004, Landia installed 10 of its model POP-I 4.9 HP 180 rpm submersible mixers in the anoxic basins at a Kansas wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), which, with its sister treatment plant, treats 28 million gal of wastewater daily.

Though Landia offers full operation and maintenance assistance from its service technicians, the WWTP used a local motor repair shop. Landia discovered that the mixers were not achieving optimum results because non-manufacturer parts were used with incorrect maintenance procedures.

“Apart from routine maintenance, it is such a rarity to receive a call about our mixers not performing at their best,” said Kenneth E. Jacobs Jr., Landia Technical Services. “We pride ourselves on a second-to-none back-up service for our customers, so I quickly arranged a meeting at the plant to see how we could help. It turned out that the staff at the treatment plant had actually been very happy with the Landia equipment, but had a lack of understanding on how to maintain it.”

WWTP personnel were given on-site training, and two of the out-of-operation mixers were restored to proper working condition. The mixers were reassembled using original parts, and worn items were only replaced as needed. The plant manager fully reinstated the Landia mixers.

“At Landia, we are always prepared to go the extra mile to help our customers keep their plant maintenance back on track,” Kenneth said. 

Landia also now offers a 20-year warranty on its stainless steel propellers.

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