Active Mixer Solves Challenges Across Climates

The mixer reduces thermal stratification in warm climates & prevents ice formation in cold climates

The PAX Water Mixer (PWM100) is an active mixer for small potable water storage tanks and helps municipalities solve a variety of water quality challenges.

For water utilities in warm climates, PWM100 circulates the entire tank volume to eliminate thermal stratification, reduce residual loss and lower the formation of disinfection byproducts and nitrifying bacteria.

In colder climates, PWM100 blends the icy water inside the tank with warmer water coming into the tank to prevent ice formation, which is recognized as the most challenging application for tank mixing.

Compared to PAX Water Technologies’ flagship mixing systems, which leverage the PAX Lily Impeller openly spinning in the tank, the PWM100 produces a similar vortex flow without a spinning impeller. This new configuration uses a vortex nozzle and is compact, easy to install (and retrieve) and has a lower capital cost.

The mixer can be installed by lowering it into the tank from the hatch and self-rights once it reaches the tank floor, even on a sloped surface. This self-install, drop-in design translates into significant cost and labor savings, making it an economical purchase for small utilities with a limited budget. The mixer is made entirely of 316 stainless steel, is NSF 61 certified and comes with a three-year warranty.

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