Oct 10, 2011

Missouri Sewer District Uses UV Disinfection to Treat Wastewater

The Little Blue Valley Sewer District of Kansas City uses UV light disinfection to treat wastewater

Trojan Technologies announced that their newest open-channel wastewater ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection system, the TrojanUVSigna, has been selected by Little Blue Valley Sewer District (LBVSD) of Kansas City, Mo.

The system is specifically designed for large-scale wastewater disinfection applications, making conversion to UV disinfection easier and reducing total cost of ownership compared to chemical disinfection. It also simplifies maintenance for the wastewater treatment plant operations staff.

UV disinfection is a physical process that inactivates bacteria, viruses and protozoa, making wastewater safe to discharge back to the environment.
Trojan will be supplying three channels of UV banks equipped with TrojanUV Solo Lamp technology. The UV system will disinfect an average of 52 million gal of water per day with peak capacity of 150 million gal of water per day.
The system was selected by LBVSD for installation at the Atherton WWTP for its exclusive benefits, including:

        • system suitability for seasonal operation;
        • lowest number of UV lamps required and ease of operation and maintenance;
        • low total installed capital cost and long-term operating cost; and
        • system design features and Trojan’s overall experience and support.
Trojan has incorporated their latest lamp and technology innovations into TrojanUVSigna. These include 1,000-Watt TrojanUV Solo Lamp technology, the advanced Solo Lamp driver, ActiClean chemical and mechanical sleeve cleaning, and a built-in automatic bank lifting device.

This system is the ideal solution for large facilities who want to cost-effectively convert from chlorine to UV disinfection.
LBVSD treats wastewater from the cities of Kansas City, Independence, Raytown, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Grandview, Raymore, Sugar Creek, Greenwood and Belton, as well as Jackson and Cass Counties. The LBVSD operates the 52 mgd Atherton WWTP near the discharge of the Little Blue River to the Missouri River.