Feb 01, 2011

Missouri American Water Acquires Loma Linda Water System

System adds approximately 300 customers to existing customer base

Missouri American Water took over ownership of the water system serving Loma Linda residents. The system adds 303 customers to the company’s customer base. The Missouri Public Service Commission (MoPSC) approved the application for ownership on Nov. 4, 2010.
Missouri American Water currently is installing a new water pipeline to connect the two water systems. The transfer of water service is expected to be complete by the end of March 2011.
“The acquisition of this system gives Loma Linda customers access to full-time water professionals and our convenient customer service center that is available 24/7,” said Missouri American Water Southwest Operations Manager Matthew Barnhart. “Connecting these customers to our water treatment plant will help improve water service and reliability.”
In approving the acquisition, the MoPSC indicated that service would be enhanced due to the operational reliability and utilization of Missouri American Water personnel.
Loma Linda water customers will continue to pay their current rates for water service. Missouri American Water’s rules, regulations and conditions of service for its Joplin operation will now apply to Loma Linda customers.
Missouri American Water will be delivering new customer information immediately.