Aug 20, 2010

Mission Communications Announces New Ownership, Leadership Change

Forrest Robinson and Dave Barringer purchase the stock from Mission founder John K. Collings and Jeffrey Collings

Forrest Robinson and Dave Barringer purchase the stock from Mission founder John K. Collings and Jeffrey CollingsThe Mission Communications senior management team of Forrest Robinson and Dave Barringer has purchased the stock from Mission founder John K. Collings and his brother, Jeffrey Collings.

John Collings is stepping down from his post as president and Jeffery Collings is stepping down as national sales manager. Although they will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operations, the company will still lean on their expertise and seek their advice from time to time.

Robinson is Mission’s new president. Robinson has been the general manager of Mission for the past four years. Barringer will continue in his role of vice president of engineering. He has been with the company for over 10 years.

"Our solutions have become very powerful,” Robinson said. “We solve a lot of problems, but not all Mission users know about everything included in their Mission package. We’re going to do
a better job of informing them, of getting that word out. You will see this in several forms, including a customer affinity program and a combination of proactive technical support with ongoing learning opportunities. As before, these new benefits are delivered to all of our customers without increasing our service fees.”

Barringer will lead the engineering team, which includes enhancing the Mission policy of welcoming customer suggestions for improving products and services.

"We listen to our customers,” Barringer said. “We focus on them and will spend even more time learning the exact needs of our market, then execute the improvements in order to deliver an even more reliable and feature-complete system for our customers…Mission has an exceptional reputation, and you can be assured that the new management will build on this with wisdom and integrity."

Jesse Nowacki becomes national sales manager for Mission, while continuing to be the NE regional sales manager. "We will fine-tune our message, and do a better job delivering it,” Nowacki said. “You will see success stories in e-newsletters, scheduled webinars, plus we plan to provide more training via streaming videos, but we won't change the direct, personal contact
that’s always been a hallmark of Mission."