Feb 09, 2010

MIOX Selected to Treat Water for Lakehaven Utility District

MIOX Corp.’s RIO water disinfection system will replace gaseous chlorine at the 10 mgd Lakota wastewater treatment plant

MIOX Corp. has been selected by Lakehaven Utility District to supply a RIO M3 on-site mixed oxidant generator in King County, Wash. The RIO unit has a 180-lb-per-day capacity to treat the 10 mgd facility. The Lakehaven District, which is located between Seattle and Tacoma, includes 350 miles of mainline, 27 pump stations and two secondary wastewater treatment plants, the Redondo Plant and the Lakota Plant. The new MIOX unit will be installed at the Lakota Plant in spring 2010, replacing the gas chlorine and bulk bleach currently employed.

The Lakehaven Board of Commissioners voted to upgrade the facility to a MIOX on-site generator based on safety and cost efficiencies. A capital lease program that includes quarterly service with continuous remote monitoring allowed Lakehaven to improve its facility at less cost to the utility than a capital equipment purchase or the monthly cost of chemicals. Other factors in the decision included the relatively small footprint of the system and the ability to expand with modular electrolytic cells.

“Switching to MIOX was a carefully considered decision,” said Chris McCalib, wastewater operations manager, Lakehaven Utility District. “We knew we needed to address the potential costs and complications associated with process safety management if we were to continue to use gaseous chlorine. At the same time, we had microbiological issues that we needed to address, particularly filamentous bacteria in the secondary treatment system. It made sense to go with on-site generation for safety and cost benefits, and after careful scrutiny and evaluation, we chose MIOX because of their excellent safety record and the superior effectiveness of the mixed oxidant chemistry.”