Jun 05, 2009

MIOX Corp. Launches New Website

Site features technical library and informational videos

MIOX Corp. has launched a new website at www.miox.com. The site offers information about MIOX, the water disinfection industry, and the company’s water treatment solutions in an easy-to-navigate, streamlined format.

“The new website better conveys our brand promise, safety,” said Sr. Vice President Sales Anthony Picozzi. “MIOX offers a safe way to treat water, while reducing costs and protecting the surrounding environment.”

The home page explains why MIOX is the “safest water in the world,” and includes links to product specifications and water treatment solutions for a variety of applications including potable water, wastewater, cooling towers, aquatics and food and beverage.

The site features facts about water treatment challenges such as biofilm, hazardous by products and taste and odor, as well as informational videos and a technical library. The website also includes recent company news, client testimonials and case studies, and an introduction to MIOX in Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.